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Amazing Aquarium Design
2330 S. Nova Rd.
South Daytona, Fl 32119
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Marine Life


Black False Percula Clownfish Pairs

False Percula Clownfish Pairs

Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish

True Fiji Foxface

Orchid Dottyback

Neon Dottyback

Yellow Clown Gobies

Red Sea Sailfin Tang

Tomato Clownfish

Flame Angel

Clown Tang

Yellow Tang

Pink Anthias

Splendid Dottyback

Orange Stripe Anthias


Emerald Mithrax Crabs Great for controling Bubble Algae

Astrea Snails

Blue Leg Hermit Crabs

Caribbean Sand Sifting Cucumbers

Cleaner Shrimp

Peppermint Shrimp

Fire Shrimp

Coral Banded Shrimp

Brittle Stars

Nassarius Snails


Tons of  Corals:
Bellina Acro
Red Planet Table
Oregon Blue Tortuosa
Marshall Island Yellow Fuzzy
Marshall Island Blue
Chips Acropora
Phils Granulosa
Tricolor Valida Acro
Frog Spawn
Hammer Torch
Meteor Shower Cyphastrea
Tyree War Coral Favite
Lord Howel Acans
Candy Canes

Amazing Aquarium Design is a saltwater and reef aquarium retail store located in Daytona Beach, Florida dedicated to providing our customers with friendly honest advice, exceptional customer service, aquarium maintenance, custom tanks, custom cabinetry, saltwater aquarium supplies, and over 1500 gallons of marine fish, corals, invertebrates and live rock.

We have a great selection of mostly cultured soft, lps and sps corals, healthy net caught saltwater fish, live rock and invertebrates.  We also carry a variety of marine aquarium supplies like protein skimmers, test kits, additives, frozen foods, lighting, pumps, and heaters.  Just a few of the brands we carry are Ecotech Marine, Two Little Fishies, Salifert, Oceanic, Current-USA , Hikari and more.


It would be our pleasure to have you stop in to see the wide selection of marine livestock, dry goods and services we have to offer or give us a call at (386)-788-1438 to speak to one of our well qualified staff.  Email any questions about your tank to
and we will get back to you within 24hrs.


Come check us out at
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